Paradise Dog Park

Paradise park offers 6 acres of securely fenced land for hire to dog owners, giving complete peace of mind while exercising your dog, without the worry of coming into contact with unknown dogs, livestock and other distractions.

Choose to walk alone or with a friend and their dog/s. We offer a reduced rate for each additional dog owner from a separate household.

There is good visibility across the land so you can let your dog/s off lead with confidence and relax, your dog/s will not disappear. This creates a great environment to practice recall etc.

The hard standing car park offers maximum security and convenience. Drive in off the road and close the gates behind you, creating a safe and controlled area to release your dog/s into before opening the second set of gates into the field.

We have provided a shelter with tables and benches for every ones use. Sit and enjoy watching your dog/s play or picnic with a view.

We ask that everyone takes responsibility for their own dogs waste and use the bin provided. Please respect this and help maintain a clean and pleasant environment that everyone can continue to enjoy and benefit from.

At the far end of the field is a water trough and a tap for fresh drinking water.

We hope that everyone enjoys this facility.

Following feedback, a padlock and key has been provided for everyone’s use.

This can be used to secure either set of gates to prevent others from entering either the field or car park during your time.This gives peace of mind to owners with very reactive dogs that don’t wish to come into contact with unknown dogs.

Gates onto the road can be left open when you leave for ease of access for the next walkers.

Please respect other users and their time by arriving and leaving WITHIN your time slot so there is no overlap.

Thank you.


The booking process is quick and easy to do.

Select an available date and time slot. If you wish to walk with another person/people from a different household and their dog/s (people without dogs accompanying are free!) Select the number of people (with dogs) and benefit from the multiple dog walkers rate.

Check that your booking is correct before selecting Pay now. Bookings can not be changed or refunded after payment is made.


£13 per hour per household (not dog)

£9 per half hour per household (not dog)

Additional dog walkers from separate households, £6.50 per hour/ £4.50 per half hour.

Multiple household fees will be added in total on booking, as a single payment,then total cost can be divided between the group so each person can benefit from discount.



To get to Paradise Dog Park, approaching from Bolham Roundabout on the A361 at Tiverton.

  1. Take the turning at the A361 roundabout towards Tiverton.
  2. At the next roundabout take the 2nd exit.
  3. Carry on straight across the Morrisons mini roundabout.
  4. At the next roundabout take the 2nd exit, B3137 to Witheridge.
  5. The B3137 shortly turns off left, don’t take that turning, continue straight on, signposted to Rackenford.
  6. After about 2miles you’ll reach Calverleigh, take the 2nd left turn, signposted to Templeton.
  7. At the top of the hill turn left towards Withleigh.
  8. Paradise Dog Park will now be on your left.